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Blood and plasma centers have for some time attempted to screenout
potential donors in sexual high risk groups. Not only homosexuals, but
persons trading sex for drugs or money, IV drug users, cocaine smokers(in
some centers) and sex partners of these groups. Studies show, however,
that potential donors (especially crack users) will do almost anything for
a mere $15.(Times-picayune 10/8/89 John Pope's interview of Gail Thornton
and the N.O. Delgado STD clinic). Further studies show this includes lying
to continue donating plasma.(JAMA1990;263;2194  "HIV and IV drug users
continue donating").  

Since we cannot trust oral history and voluntary exclusion, what is needed
is less reasearch into expanding the high-risk groups, but practical and
objective methods of identifying unacceptable donors. (Both potential and
existing.) I am not suggesting more testing of blood and plasma;  we do
quite a lot in this area already. We even share the data thru the National
Donor Deferral Registry. I suggest centers be required to drug test the
*urine* of potential\current donors for not only heroin but cocaine as
well. Such cannot be left to the industry to adopt,for if it is not
required by law, it will not happen; such is economics. 

But there is another tool for screening donors if we have the fortitude to
take the "PC" flak in the name of recipient safety:
 My proposal is to link the NDDR  with the NCIC database. (National Crime
Information Center). With this link, arrests for drug and\or sex crimes
would roll over to the NDDR.  This would locate and exclude numerous
existing and potential donors. All other arrest information, such as
deadbeat dads, traffic scoflaws, etc would not be shared with NDDR, only
drug\sex crimes. 

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