Medical Internship Opportunity

Steve Wei SCW112 at
Wed Mar 13 22:10:37 EST 1996

>How would you like to...
>        Become a certified Wilderness EMT?
>        Provide valuable medical service in post-civil war El Salvador?
>        Brush up on your Spanish by immersion in El Salvadoran culture?
>        Aid in the development of a new and much-needed service program?
>        GEOMED is a New Hampshire-based non-profit organization founded in
>1993 to establish basic, self-sustaining health-care systems around the
>world. Current work has been directed towards developing primary care and
>education programs in the Dump community of San Salvador.  Either because
>of rural poverty or the recent civil war (peace accord in 1992), this
>community of displaced people have had no choice but to build as best they
>could on a covered dump.
>        We are looking for volunteers to spend the academic year of
>1996-97 in San Salvador providing medical care and education.  No degrees
>or even current enrollment in an academic institution are required, but at
>least some Spanish-speaking ability is expected.  Training will begin in
>September with 8 weeks at SOLO, a school for wilderness medical training
>in Conway, New Hampshire.  Components of this course include wilderness
>EMT training (which encompasses city EMT training), Spanish skills,
>teaching skills, basic water and sanitation engineering, and philosophy
>and politics of development.  From there we will head to El Salvador to
>begin work in cooperation with doctors from the local clinic.  Tentative
>plans are to spend from November '96 to June '97 in El Salvador, although
>we will likely return to the US for the winter holidays.
>        Aside from providing medical care, one of the great concerns of
>GEOMED is to lay the groundwork for locally-run self-sustaining health
>care in San Salvador.  Specific interests include the training of local
>"health care promotors" in issues of sanitation and community health so
>that they in turn can spread information to their own neighborhoods.  It
>is hoped that some day this work in El Salvador may succeed in eliminating
>its own usefullness.
>        This project is as yet only in its infancy.  Last year Gretchen
>Lockard was the first 'GEOMEDIC' in the program's history, and this year
>we are hoping to expand the ranks to at least six dedicated people working
>together.  One of the most exciting things about this opportunity will be
>the chance to help design a program of lasting influence.
>        Discussion is underway to seek college credit for this program.
>Tentatively, we believe that we should be able to offer one semester's
>credit for the year in El Salvador.
>        Unfortunately, the program's financing is still somewhat up in the
>air.  The chief expenses of the program will be the wilderness EMT course
>at SOLO and plane fare to and from El Salvador.  We are actively seeking
>outside support for these expenses, but volunteers may be called upon to
>share a portion of the cost.  At the same time, I must stress that we do
>not believe that anyone should think themselves unable to join the program
>simply because of expense.  Please do not rule yourself out on those
>grounds alone.
>        Please contact me by e-mail at swei at if you are
>interested in becoming part of this valuable program.  Be sure to type
>GEOMED as the subject of the mailing and to include your name, phone
>number, address, institutional affiliation, and how you found out about
>the program.  Aside from March 22 through April 2 during which I will be
>out of the country, I will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for
>your consideration.
>Stanley Wei
>Where:          San Salvador, El Salvador
>When:           September 1996 - June 1997
>Certification:  Wilderness EMT
>Credit:         Tentatively, 1 semester
>Cost:           Undetermined
>E-mail:         swei at
>Please include:"GEOMED" as the subject of the mailing
>                your name
>                phone number
>                mailing address
>                institutional affiliation
>                how you found out about GEOMED

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