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William Ramshaw wramshaw at
Tue Mar 19 17:52:16 EST 1996

Beak Consultants Limited is seeking your assistance in a project to
compile a database and collection of all available Canadian reference
literature on environmental studies conducted in Canada on the St
Lawrence River.

This undertaking, on the behalf of the New York Power Authority, will
contribute to a literature collection to be used in the relicensing of
the St Lawrence Power Project in 2003.

We are interested in all Canadian environmental studies and literature
relevant to the St Lawrence River between Lake Ontario and the Gulf of
St Lawrence with emphasis on the regions near and including Lake St
Lawrence and Lake St Francis.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:  fisheries
research (including creel and angler attitude surveys, fish passage
studies, entrainment abundance and survival studies); macrophytes;
macroinvertebrates; rare or endangered species (flora and fauna);
water and sediment quality; wetlands; terrestrial vegetation; water
level regulation/fluctuation; and recreation

Our ultimate goal is to gather all relevant baseline environmental
data, not already part of the New York Power Authority's literature
collection.  A first step towards this goal is the creation of a
digital bibliography of all relevant literature.  This current phase
is complimentary to a completed project, which emphasized literature
available in the United States and New York State

We are seeking your help in a number of phases and ask if you could
please contact Beak if the following is applicable to you.:  

°	Discovery 	

	°	If you or your organization have created or have available a
bibliography of studies, which we may acquire or have access to.   

	°	If you or your organization has reprints or copies of
literature, which you could contribute. 

	°	If you or your organization has been entrusted with a
literature collection of any size  containing relevant environmental
studies, and are able to provide information and/or access.

	°	If you have suggestions of additional contacts we should make
and have addresses, telephone numbers, internet email addresses

°	Acquisition

	°	We have a small budget to purchase some relevant literature,
and will need contacts.

	°	We will have personnel visiting collections and will need
guidance and access to acquire copies of relevant literature.

Beak would like to thank all those who can be of help in this
endeavour.  Correspondence should be directed to William Ramshaw at
ext 243.  I can be reached at wramshaw at

Yours truly,


William Ramshaw
Fisheries Biologist

Beak Consultants Limited
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Brampton, Ontario
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vox  (905) 794-2325
fax  (905) 794-2338
INWATS 1-800-361-2325

Please note if anyone has comments about the format or forum of this
request please contact William Ramshaw at the above eMail address.  I
assume all responsibility it where this message is posted to.

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