Bert Gold bgold at
Tue Mar 19 19:30:04 EST 1996

Mr. Conklin,

I read with great surprise your comment to me in reply to my post
on the adminstrative rip-off which have now become commonplace
in the conduct of research in America.

I am surprised because I think we share a similar vision of an
America with one-payer health care and an innovative, sophisticated
economy where egalitarianism is the rule.

I have forwarded to you a great many private EMAILS which are likely
to become public in the next few days.

I have done this because I believe they prove that many in Science
(as in Business and Politics) are behaving unethically.  Those behaving
this way are Democrats, Republicans, Jews & Gentiles, Black and White.
Greed has no race.  It does not discriminate.  You will find, if you
take the time and trouble to read the notes I have enclosed that I am
an injured party -- but that I have decided (for the moment at least)
not to prosecute, but rather to turn my energies to reforming a system
which appears not to know how to guard against its own abuses.

I am sad to have seen the day in America, where even when one is
openly shown not to be behaving ethically, that 'fighting the
charges' rather than admitting guilt and agreeing to change ones'
ways, has become the rule, rather than the exception.

CROOKS come from every population.  CRIME does not discriminate.
WE all must fight it: Left and Right together.

 Bert Gold, Ph.D.                         "If only we stay with that principle
 University of California, San Francisco   which counsels us always to hold
 School of Medicine                        to the difficult, then that which
 Department of Pediatrics                  now seems to us most foreign, will 
 Program in Medical Genetics               become what we most trust and
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