The Fleecing of America by Biomedical Research Administration

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Tue Mar 19 20:37:24 EST 1996

>Herman Rubin wrote
> Instead of a single government, even with a few agencies, doing this, we
> need more than a hundred independent universities, industrial firms, and
> foundations doing it.  And we do not need accountants to see that the 
> money is spent on research; far more is now being spent on managers than
> will be diverted.
> I agree.  The above sort of stuff really makes me want to
rant and rave, with occasional bits of wisdom and 
detracted from by random off the
wall comments like the South was right after all.

Part of the problem as I see it is the vast inefficiency of the
system.  One only has to look at the overhead costs, which often
well exceeds fifty percent.  Not to mention the waste of human
potential, which we all know is pretty cheap anywhere,
not necessarily less in acedemia than industry.

Another real nasty problem of no interest to
anyone  but people who like to sit around and ask themselves,
"why is everything so shitty?" is the use of government 
funded research to further federal government intrustion  
where it does not
belong; the private sector. This has more than arcane
constitutional implications.  I have my own experience of spending
my pocket money to develop a nice technology, patenting it, and
now having to spend more money fighting an interference
against a government lab that spent 2MM to do much the same
thing, but not as well.  Expenses like this mean something to
a small company, and are money not spent developing a marketable
product, hiring people, etc.   

If only Robert E Lee had had a few more men at Gettysburg.  What
was Jeb Stuart doing screwing around the PA countryside anyway,
when we needed him,
and other disconnected old codger comments,  damm guvmint! Oops,
I fell off my chair.

Marc Andelman

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