[q] evolution course

Ana Gaisiner gaisine at io.org
Fri Mar 22 11:46:26 EST 1996

: Also we are looking for ideas of organisms which would be easy to use in a
: classroom setting to show interspecific variation and diversity (eg. fast
: plants)

I can suggest something for this part of your question. My recommendation 
would be an aquarium with different varieties of guppies. You can have 
the wild type guppies which are fairly plain but still have 
distinguishing marks between them and you can also have some of the 
colourfull and widely variable fancy guppies. These are all 
interbreedable and will produce fertile offspring while the fancy guppies 
can be use as an example of artificial selection, upon which most of our 
agricultural industry is based. You need a minimum of a 10 gallon 
aquarium, a heater set at about 78'F, some gravel and a good filter that 
does not suck up small babies.

Good luck
Ana Gaisiner
gaisine at io.org

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