Do your moods alter with the seasons?

Erin E. Michalak michalak at
Fri Mar 22 09:56:22 EST 1996


I am a psychologist at the University of Manchester, England,
conducting research examining the relationship between 
season, geographic latitude and a number of other variables, 
such as weight, diet, mood, travel and sleep patterns.  The 
research is currently being carried out internationally entirely 
via the Internet using a modified version of the Seasonal Pattern
Assessment Questionnaire (SPAQ) in HTML Fill-Out-Form 
format.  It is hoped that a large, geographically diverse number 
of respondents will participate in the research.  The project is
exciting in both its scale and scope, and its relatively novel
methodology.  All participants will receive by e-mail a copy of
the project's research findings during the summer of 1996 upon
request.  If you would like to participate in the research,
please do so by completing the questionnaire, which may be found 
at the following Web site:

An e-mail version of the questionnaire may also be obtained on

Your participation will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Erin E. Michalak

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