brush your teeths with H2O2 and NaHCO3 ?

William Tivol tivol at
Fri Mar 22 14:37:03 EST 1996

Christophe Rondot (Rondot at wrote:
: In french H2O2 is eau oxygenee and   --Hydrogen peroxide
: NaHCO3 is bicarbonate de sodium   --Sodium bicarbonate or
					Bicarbonate of soda

:    My dentist recommands to brush our teeths twice a day (morning and 
: evening) with H2O2 and NaHCO3.
:    Many people judge this method too violent (agressive) and even 
: dangerous.
:    What is your opinion (if any) on the subject ?

Dear Christophe,
	Many dentists here also recommend NaHCO3.  The H2O2 should also
be safe and effective if used in an appropriate dilution.  You want to
have enough peroxide to affect the bacteria, tarter, etc., but not so
much as to irritate the gum tissues.  30% H2O2 is used as a wound
clenser, so I doubt that it is dangerous, but you'd want a more strin-
gent criterion for twice-daily use.
				Bill Tivol

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