Per Bergman Per.Bergman at vf.slu.se
Thu Mar 14 05:06:02 EST 1996

***Postdoctoral Position: Plant Cell and Molecular Biology***

WE HAVE a postdoctoral position open in a project which focuses on
molecular analysis of cytoplasmic male sterility and the nuclear
restoration of fertility, with the aim to elucidate nuclear-mitochondrial
interactions in flowering.

WE NEED  molecular biologist with knowledge of protein expression and 
function, and experience of protein purification, protein blotting and
immunochemical detection of proteins. We are looking for a person
interested to work in a stimulating environment in Uppsala, Sweden, as
well as contributing to our collaboration with a research team in
Bordeaux, France.

WE ARE a team of researchers working with cellular, molecular,
physiological and in vitro culture problems related to plant genetics,
with excellent laboratory facilities at the Center of Genetics in Uppsala,

THE POSITION IS available immediately and is assured for two years.

SEND YOUR CV and two letters of reference to the following address, 
OR CALL for details:

Prof. Kristina Glimelius
Department of Plant Breeding Research
Box 7003
S-750 07 Uppsala

Tel: (+46) 18 67 32 38
Fax: (+46) 18 67 32 79
E-mail: Birgitta.Eriksson at vf.slu.se

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