The Fleecing of America by Biomedical Research Administration

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Sat Mar 23 21:43:30 EST 1996

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"Arthur E. Sowers" <arthures at> wrote:

> The reform I would like to see is that: i) all incomes be pooled and all 
> salaries draw from the pool, ii) the people who are actually involved in 
> bringing in the money get a chance to vote on how it is spent, and iii) 
> kick the asses of the administrators down to Washington DC and have some 
> big part of their salaries linked absolutely to how much budget increase 
> they get for NIH (etc). That might actually help everyone. As it stands, 
> LPP is just arguing for that part of the costs (IDCs) that he cares about. 

> Arthur E. Sowers, Ph.D.
> Research Professor

I agree with 100% of what Dr. Sowers has said.  More than this, I have
said before and I will say again that the business of a university is two
things: education and research.  People who are doing these things deserve
support; people who are not do not.  It is nothing short of a travesty
that trained, skilled, and incredibly bright people work their asses off
for decades and are less well paid, less secure, and are treated worse
than semicompetent dips who spent two years on an MBA -- where they
learned to add two and two together and get the same answer two times out
of three -- and stepped into administration.  

No arguments about indirect costs can possibly justify this upside down,
inside out, and cooky system.  The bean counter who makes sure we don't
dump trash in the wrong receptacle or use radiation without filing the
appropriate form does NOT deserve more money or security than the people
actually doing the business of the university: teaching and research.



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