Very elementary Microscope question

Chief ROC chiefroc at
Sun Mar 24 11:34:20 EST 1996

About once every couple of weeks I feel inclined to show my naivety. The
recent acquisition of a  "preowned" microscope affords me the opportunity
to exercise this right and privilege today. :-)

This microscope is not very expensive so it doesn't have an abbe condenser
or illuminator. It has a disc with 5 different sizes of apertures and the
mirror has a plane side and a concave side. It has 3 objectives; X4, X10,
X40 and WF X10 ocular.

(1) How does one select the proper aperture and (2) What is the difference
( in use) of the plane and concave mirror?

All respondents will receive my very good wishes and heart felt thanks.


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