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Tue Mar 26 08:59:48 EST 1996

We at Columbus Instruments developed advanced video tracking system for
measuring animal activity ( locomotor movements) using TV camera and
computer. Videotracking system is supported by software which allows to
measure  activity of multiple animals in separate cages using single TV
camera. With two TV cameras one can measure both vertical and horizontal
activity. Field of TV camera vision can be divided into multiple zones (
up to 96 zones) and both distance traveled as well as pattern of movements
can be recorded for each zone. Specilized software for monitoring animal
in Water Maze is also available.
Beside TV camera system we also offer animal activity meters which operate
on principle of interuption of IR beams. Most advanced system "Auto-Track"
interfaces to IBM-PC compatibles and provides multiple parametrs of animal
behavior including animal rotations. 1 to 16 animal cages can be monitored
by Auto-Track system.
If you like to receive more information please contact:

Jan Czekajewski Ph.D.
Columbus Instruments
Internet:75144.2413 at
Fax:(614)276-0529 USA

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