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[> Incorrect. Almost all paid plasma donor's PPP is labelled as "source 
plasma" (as defined by the FDA). Source plasma is further fractionated 
into injectable products. (that means it goes into people).

[But that doesn't become fresh-frozen plasma, cryo, or coag factor
concentrates. It becomes injectable products which have been treated to
kill all known pathogens. You give albumin as an example, but that is also
treated to kill pathogens. I am not aware of any cases of HIV or hepatitis
which have been transmitted in albumin. Ditto for globulin products, like
HBIG and other antisera.

You stated plasma was only used to make reagents. As I said, injectable
means it goes into people. Yes, it is treated to reduce the bioburden of
viruses to a lower level. A far cry from "kill all known pathogens". Have
you heard of Cutter Biologics? They were sued by Hemophiliacs that
received HIV from clotting factor concentrates. Cutter obtains it's source
plasma from *paid* donors. 

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