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Joost Mogendorff G.J.E.Mogendorff at ATO.DLO.NL
Fri May 3 14:46:12 EST 1996

As part of the STD-programme (Sustainable Technology Development; a Dutch 
governmental programme) everybody with original, innovating ideas for 
Sustainable High-Tech Food Production in the year 2040 is invited to send 
in pioneering thoughts.	
Prizes of 25,000 Dutch Guilders (approx. 15,000 USDollars) will be 
granted to the two best ideas on how to make High-Tech Food Crops 
Production possible. The targeted production system should be based on 
the following (technological) starting points:
 - production units use only solar light as energy source  
 - optimized supply of light to the plants
 - optimized conversion and storage of energy
 - application of specific sensors and actuators
 - total-crop principle: utilization of all wastes and by-products
 - production is local and demand-oriented
 - integration of the above mentioned technologies

The contest has opened May 1, 1996. The ideas have must have reached the 
jury not later than July 1, 1996.
Full details of the contest and background information on the 
STD-programme, can be found in WWW page

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Joost Mogendorff

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