First Fungal Genome Workshop - First Announcement

Rolf A. Prade prade at OKWAY.OKSTATE.EDU
Mon May 6 18:04:25 EST 1996

First Fungal Genome Workshop
August 19 and 20 1996
Stillwater, OK USA

First Announcement

  The First Fungal Genome Workshop will highlight current research 
in biology, biotechnology and genome sciences as they are applied 
to filamentous fungi.  The goal is to demonstrate the urgent need 
of large-scale DNA sequencing in the complex integration process 
of fundamental research with biotechnology and industry.  The 
workshop will bring together investigators from academia and 
industry and the discussions will focus on genome technology 
applied to filamentous fungi.

Beginning May 20 visit:
for detailed and updated information

  T. Adams (Texas A&M University, USA); M. Adams (The Institute for 
Genomic Research, TIGR, USA); J. Arnold (University of Georgia,
USA); A. Clutterbuck (University of Glasgow, UK); N. Dunn-Coleman
( Genencor International, Inc., USA );  M. Goeden ( University of
Wisconsin, USA); J. Hamer, (Purdue University, USA); C. van den
Hondel (TNO, NL); M. Johnston (Washington University, USA); K.
Kochut (University of Georgia, USA); M. Penalva (CSIC, SP); R. Prade
(Organizer - Oklahoma State University, USA); G. Selten ( Gist-
Brocades, NL); M. Rey (Novo Nordisk Biotech, USA) B. Roe (University
of Oklahoma, US); C. Scazzochio (Universite de Paris-Sud, FR); G.
Turner (University of Sheffield, UK).

Short Presentations:
  There is time available for short presentations ( 10 min. ).  
Interested persons are requested to submit a 1 page abstract of 
their proposed presentation along with a short resume.  All 
requests must be received no later than July 30, 1996.  A 
committee will review all requests and grantees notified by August 
5, 1996.  The decision by the review committee will be final.

Exhibits & Sponsorship:
  A limited amount of space is available for exhibiting.  If you 
are interested in exhibiting advertising in the conference 
documentation or sponsoring a lunch, coffee break or cocktail 
reception, please call Darlene Brooks at (405) 744 8462.

  Application forms, complete and updated workshop program, 
deadlines and further information can be obtained by addressing 
one of the following options:

 Web Site,;

e-mail, dbrooks at;
FAX (405) 744 6992.

or mail: 
Darlene Brooks
Coordinator, Extension Programs
Arts & Sciences Extension
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078. USA.

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