receptors on COS cell membrane

Patrick patrick at
Thu May 9 19:07:23 EST 1996

On Thu, 9 May 1996 obrien at wrote:

> @--> I am planning to work on signal transduction with COS-1 cell line.
> @--> I need to know what kinds of membrane receptors are endogeneously
> @--> expressed on this cell line or COS-7 cells.
> Along those lines, can anyone explain the difference between COS-1 and
> COS-7 cells?  I'm especially interested in receptors and signalling
> proteins.

Is there a source (say a book) that lists the cell lines available and 
their specific characteristics?  This would be very handy, especially 
since most of the cell line info I get for my work is based on reading of 
the use of a given cell line in another study.  In addition, in working 
on my prelims, I am working on a research proposal that requires work 
with several cell lines.  I chose two lines that I am specifically 
familiar with rather than because they had some special aspect of use.

Is there such a source?


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