Intl Congress on Therapeutic Oligonucleotides

Paolo Romano paolo at
Thu May 16 22:26:42 EST 1996

Dear bionetters,

I'm pleased to announce the following event:


                       International Congress on


        Regulation of gene expression by targeting nucleic acids:
        chemistry, biology, pharmacology and clinical applications

                     Rome (Italy), June 9-12, 1996


The conference will include sessions on the following topics:

- MODIFIED OLIGONUCLEOTIDES (Chairmen: T. Le Doan - W.J. Stec)
- HEMATOLOGY-ONCOLOGY (Chairmen: F. Mandelli - K.J. Scanlon)
- RIBOZYME AND TRIPLEX (Chairmen: M.J. Gait - G. Tocchini-Valentini)
- DEVELOPING ANTISENSE DRUGS (Chairmen: C. Helene - P. Preziosi)
- CELLULAR PHARMACOLOGY (Chairmen: B. Lebleu - C. Malvy)
- THERAPEUTIC APPLICATIONS (Chairmen: S.T.Crooke - F. Dianzani)

       Chairman: C. Helene (F)
       F. Eckstein (G), M.J. Gait (UK), B. Lebleu (F), T. Le Doan (F), 
       C. Malvy (F), A.Nicolin (I), P.E. Nielsen (D), W.J. Stec (P)

       Elida Pagni
       Accademia Nazionale di Medicina
       Piazza della Vittoria, 15/1 - 16121 Genoa, Italy
       Tel. +39-10-5458604 - 622 - Fax +39-10-541761 - 5450056
       E-mail: forum at

       Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
       P.le Aldo Moro, 7
       Rome - Italy

Detailed scientific program and complete information can be retrieved
by the WWW server of the Advanced Biotechnology Center of Genoa:
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