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Bert Gold bgold at
Sun May 26 19:17:15 EST 1996

On Sunday, May 26, 1996, John Alway, jalway at,
responded to my comments to him on the PHYSICIAN OVERSUPPLY!
with the following:

Bert Gold> 1) Health care is a right not a privilege.

	John Alway>  It's not a right.  You have no right to _force_
	John Alway>  another individual to serve you.  That's slavery,
	John Alway>  and a clear contradiction of the ideal of rights,
	John Alway>  which is meant to uphold *freedom*.

Friends, in Mr. Alway's world, air, water, food and medicine are
privileges which must be earned; they are not resources that as beings,
we have rights to.  

Mr. Alway suggests that there are no such things as human 'rights'.

Insofar as he advocates for this position, Mr. Alway
does not accept that he himself is an animal, suceptible to certain
rights and privileges which derive therefrom.

Of course, it goes without saying that Mr. Alway must be an athiest,
because no believer would ever hold that human beings are not
eligible, by virtue of their humanity, to certain rights and privileges on
god's green earth.

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