Genomic labelling in-situ of plant DNA

Chromosome Terror abrdlher at
Wed May 29 13:26:07 EST 1996

I am working with wheat.
I want to intercross two lines, but I want to keep track, in the very 
early embryo and endosperm development, of the parental chromosomes.
I thought of introducing tritiated thimidine into the spikes, previous to 

Any other way of labelling, not involving tritium?
Any thoughts as to what would be the best way to introduce the labelled 
compound into the plant? I thought of putting a fine thread through the 
stem, wetted in the labelling solution, and let the transpiration flow 
carry the label to the pollen mother cells, and to the eggs. Any better ways?

Thank you for any help

Nacho de las Heras
Botany Dept.
University of Reading

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