Spam from "Sciweb"

I will not be spammed somebody at
Fri Nov 1 13:36:59 EST 1996

From: "Dr. Edward Jakobovits, Ph. D." <eddyjake at>
Ow, ah.  A real Ph. D.  Just what we need.  A different brand of idiot
vacuuming up addresses for spamming.  In case anyone else has been forced
"subscribed" to this idiot's business, I'm posting the contact info I looked
up for complaining.  For anyone new to this, forced subscribing is spamming,
(mass unsolicited advertising) and is not acceptable net behavior.  Forcing
victims to send an unsub command to get rid of something they didn't want to
begin with adds insult to injury.

The MCI and addresses are included since they are upstream
providers.  If the immediate provider,, isn't sufficiently
moved maybe their provider will be kind enough to explain things to them.  

   Domain Name: NANOSPACE.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Robles, Frank  (FR35)  hostmaster at NANOSPACE.COM
   Netblock: -

      Kline, Peter [Chief Technologist]  (PK165)  peter at AGIS.NET
      (313) 730-1130

I'm also checking with AOL's spam complaint office since the idiot is
apparently operating his vanity domain with the help of his AOL account:

   Domain Name: SCIWEB.COM

   Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
      Jakobovits, Edward  (EJ60)  eddyjake at AOL.COM

Those of you following the news know that AOL takes a very dim view of
spamming activity.  They'll nix a spamming account in a second.  That address

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