Richard H. Miller rick at
Fri Nov 1 11:16:12 EST 1996

This user has been spamming this notice for about a month now. Even with
the address he is posting from I have sent a note to
the postmaster (I had sent an earlier complaint to their usenet
address when he spammed houston.general). Hopefully upenn will take action.
This notice has been cross-posted to and followups
directed there. bionet people....since this will be the first notice of the
spam to the net abuse people I am going to quote a bit of it to give the new
group the 'flavor' of the spam. Normally I would trim it all the way down.

Eric Spieler (alertbrush at wrote:

: What is the Dental Zone


: The  Zone is the brain child of Dr. Eric Spieler .  It's his attempt to
: better educate not only his patients but to educate everyone interested in
: their oral health. [snip]


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