Impact factor

John MacFarlane jmacfarl at
Fri Nov 1 06:30:46 EST 1996

On 31 Oct 1996, Carl Astra wrote:

> Hello!
> I am searching the ranking list of the scientific citation index in
> order to get the so called impact factor of different journals.
> Has anybody an idea where to find this?

I've forgotten the address of the site but the 1995 figures are:

Cell 40.481
Nature 27.074
NE Journal of Medicine 22.412
Science 21.911
Genes and Development 18.793
Neuron 16.619
Immnunity 15.354
EMBO J 13.505
J of Cell Biol 12.480
PNAS 10.520
Mol Cell Biol 10.498

I have no idea how the figures were calculated.

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