Interview request: Maintaining a happy, productive, lab

Marc Andelman drgonfly at
Tue Nov 5 13:41:08 EST 1996

Robert Finn wrote:
> I am a free-lance science writer and a contributing editor at The
> Scientist, "the newspaper for the life sciences professional."

Hi.  Bisource is the oldest recruitment firm in biotechnology.
I may have some insights.  For one thing, I think happyness is
as much a function of the people, as the lab. Rather, it is a match
between the two. For example, if you are a PI who is a research czar, 
and has a paper mill with little outlet for creativity, then you will 
hire people who are happy with that.  

An individual who either

a; needs to be independent or creative or

b; at the other endof the spectrum, need to be explicity

These will not be happy.  The important quesiton you therefore missed is the
ability to selct happy people for a given situation, and whether or
not we are making the sorts of people happy we need to be in order to
best promote science. It also amazes me how values
will revolve around the need for a certain type of drone or whatever,
rather than calling a spade a spade, or dropping all facades and
admitting that we need an honest job done.  

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