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This will probably be of considerable interest to many....

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RE:  Project Directors & Volunteers
     Online Applications - Summer Program
     Open to All

The Reverend Jesse Jackson
National Rainbow Coalition
Jackson at RAINBOW.ORG

Dear Reverend Jackson,

By this letter (and forwarded carbon copies), we are announcing our 1997 
Summer Program in Africa and Brazil, on the occasion of our 40th 

It is with pleasure that we again send you an update on our program. 

Online brochures and applications, for Project Director and Volunteer 
positions, are now available by sending an E-Mail request to: 

                        <griots at>
                        <oca at>

following the instructions below.  Also, printed brochures and applications 
can be obtained by mail.

In all, we anticipate a need for 200 - 300 Volunteers for approximately 25 

The tremendous enthusiasm for this year's program was not anticipated.  We 
are grateful.

We will follow up with a phone call next week.

                               Kind regards,

                               Cecil R. Washington, Jr.
                               Director of Research

                               UC Berkeley
                               Oberlin College

                               <griots at>                            

cc: LaVerne Brown
    Operation Crossroads
    Head, Executive Offices
    oca at


                      [plz forward / post]

   A P P L Y    N O W    O N L I N E

    Applications now due


Rainforest, Ecology and the Environment: Africa & Brazil

    B r a z i l i a n    R a i n F o r e s t    P r o j e c t s

                    << B   A   H   I   A >>

One of the sites under consideration is the Mata Atlantica (Coastal Forest) 
area in the Southern Cone of the State of Bahia. This is a place where local 
poor communities are struggling to gain access to land via articulated 
political effort. There are over a dozen officially recognized Land Reform 
Settlemnts in this region, and the former landless peasants are willing now 
to promote efforts to save the remnants of this unique patch of rich, 
bio-diverse forest, as well as to secure their access to land by changing 
the situation of Land Tenure in that area.

We have been recently contacted by leaders of these communities seeking help 
with the various projects they deem vital. These projects will include 
programs concerning Reforestation, Youth Development, Education and 
Training, as well as Ecological Projects.  

       [Dr. Edmundo Freitas Lopes-Researcher/Project Developer]


[I N T'L  S T U D I E S]  [W O R K-T R A V E L]  [I N T E R N S H I P S]


Ecology & Environment..Conservation..Traditional Medicine..Oral
History..Primary Care..Archaeology..Community Dev..Reforestation..Media
Distance Learning..Art..Ethnomusicology..Public Health..Construction  
Wildlife..Humanities..Computer Literacy..Agriculture/Farming..Nursing
Teaching/Tutoring..Business Dev..African/Brazilian Language Study
Youth Programs..Recreation..Traditional Religion..Anthropology..Dance

    [Also, campaigns addressing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)]

C O U N T R I E S: Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Eritrea, Ivory Coast,
Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Brazil
(in South America). Additional countries & projects to be announced

    C E L E B R A T I N G    C U L T U R E    A N D    H I S T O R Y

       GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS :    A f r i c a    &    B r a z i l 

 * This year's theme: "Africa & Brazil, marching into the 21st Century"

  "...Promoting economic development, ecological wisdom, social justice, 

           grassroots democracy and non-violent solutions..."

                           Summer 1997

                Internships/Field Work/Group Projects
                        Independent Study

                    The Forgotten Human FACE

V o l u n t e e r   I n f o    b y    E - M a i l :

           1] include your full street address, in case our
                    equipment malfunctions

           2] E-Mail your request to   <<B O T H>>   addresses:

  =>             "Brochure\Application" <griots at>         <=
    =>        "Summer Prog: Africa\Brazil" <oca at>    <=
            Include  " --V O L U N T E E R-- "  in the SUBJECT field

                ...or contact our office directly 
                        by letter or phone

A L L   A R E   W E L C O M E


Project  D I R E C T O R S / Group  L E A D E R S  go thru a separate
     application process with earlier deadlines (min. age, 26 - with
     relevant expertise, experience directing group projects, living
     and/or travel experience in Africa or similar setting), experience
     leading multi-racial/ethnic work projects or groups  

     To receive the application and job description, snail mail us, 
     or send an E-Mail request to <BOTH>:

    =>        "Proj Dir: Info" <oca at>,          <=
       =>    "Proj Dir: Packet" <griots at>       <=

     1) with a brief description of your interests & background

           [send us your snail mail address, phone & E-Mail]

     2) include   "  --L E A D E R--  "    in the SUBJECT field 


-Since 1957, 10,000 Crossroads participants (students, professionals,
     persons with skills, persons of goodwill, etc.) representing
     over 500 universities, colleges & organizations, have come
     together to work for a better world

-Students usually arrange with their schools to receive credit for their
     summer experience (typically 7 to 15 units)

-Cited by President Kennedy for providing the example that "inspired" the
     creation of the Peace Corps, and on which the Peace Corps was

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Due now & during the coming weeks->cut off has not
                          yet been announced

                       Late applications will be accepted
                          only as space and time permit

                =>     It's important to submit the application ASAP to
                          reserve a place

                       Crossroads assists Volunteers in raising funds
                          for their travel/living expenses; early
                          application is essential

PROGRAM DATES:         End of June/early July through mid-August
                          (approx dates)

ORIENTATION:           There will be a several-day Orientation in New
                          York prior to leaving. The program starts from 
                          & ends in New York

-This is an INTENSE living, work and learning experience at the grassroots
     level in Africa & Brazil where some of the modern conveniences taken 
     for granted in Western countries, will not be present

-Crossroads Volunteers go to Africa & Brazil NOT to impose their own
     Western values, but to seek comprehension of counterpart
     values; they are challenged to adjust to local ways of doing many


    O P E R A T I O N   C R O S S R O A D S   A F R I C A ,   I n c .

          475 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10115-0050, Suite 831

             Tel: 212-870-2106    E-Mail:  oca at


                  Dr. James H. Robinson - Founder

             LaVerne Brown - Head, Executive Offices

   Dr. Osei Darkwa - Distance Learning/Computer Literacy Program
    Dr. Edmundo Freitas Lopes - Rainforest/Ecology/Conservation
  Edmund Browne, MD - Medicine/Computer-Aided Medical Instruction

               ...a non-profit org: IRS 501(c)(3)


  "...You will experience Africa from the inside out..

                                 ...This is NOT an African tour."

                              Cynthia Archie, Crossroads Alumna
                                 State Dept/Foreign Service
                             Former Peace Corps Country Director


Any help in sharing, posting or forwarding this information to campuses and 
community organizations, would be much appreciated.

To receive by E-Mail the UPDATE on the Computer Literacy/Distance Learning 
Program, please send me an E-Mail message with "GHANA: LEAPS FORWARD" in the 
Subject: field.

Thanks in advance!  

<griots at>

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