Dr I.P. Woodrow woodie at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Nov 7 07:28:17 EST 1996

I am trying to check out the market for fluorimeters at the moment, so I would 
be interested to hear opinions on various instruments. Also, any companies 
producing fluorimeters who might be reading this could drop me an E-mail or
send me some literature 

The sort of machine I am looking for would be capable of standard lab measurements 
for analytical applications initially, but should also be capable of kinetic 
type applications which I may need to perform in the future. I would need to 
be able to use a cuvette, but the possibility of adding a flow cell might be 
useful. Other add-ons might include temperature regulation, polarising filters

I am already familiar with the Perkin-Elmer LS50, which is a good instrument, 
although the software that drives the machine is a little slow and I have had
problems with it crashing at inopportune moments.

I have just received info on the Aminco-Bowman series of instruments, so I 
would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has experience of 
one of these

Contact me through this group, by E-mail or at the postal address below:

Dr Iain Woodrow,
Physiological Laboratory,
University of Liverpool,
Crown St,
L69  3BX

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