Looking For A Little Levity In Science?

Randy Willis willis at gandalf.psf.sickkids.on.ca
Thu Nov 7 20:31:45 EST 1996

Another week goes by and you still haven't been able to nail down those
results that are critical to your thesis/grant proposal...

You need a break...

May we suggest that you pick up the most recent issue of ALIQUOTES, the
journal of molecular and biochemical humour and information?

If you'd received November's issue, you would have read:

Looking for a Life In Science?...the story of Albee, a fur ball that
came to stay.

Rich Man, Poor Man...an Op/Ed piece about fiscal instability for a bunch
of Toronto graduate students.

Foment of Ferment...from MacWaterbeth, the famous work by playwright
William Shakespipette.

Raise the Red Canister...the story of another stink raised about
sulphide emissions.

An advertisement for Pyrix Brand..."the glassware that leaves its mark,
on you if not your science".

Picks in cyberSpace...the monthly Internet article.


I Don't Re-membrane, I Don't Recall...a slightly off dictionary
explaining various terms used in membrane biology.

Aliquotes is informative...Aliquotes is funny...Aliquotes is FREE!!!

...and we are free to the readers due to the generous support of our
real advertisers.

If you'd like to take a peak at what all the fuss is about, drop us a
line giving your snail mail (ground) address and we'll make sure to add
your name to the list.  Please note, Aliquotes Press DOES NOT share
their subscription lists with anyone else.

Give us a shout at:

R. Willis, Publisher
Aliquotes Press
58 Balfour Ave.
Toronto, ON

416-691-2921 (ph)
416-813-5022 (fax)

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