A new life in the morning !

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Sat Nov 9 18:35:37 EST 1996

A new life in the morning

Are you utterly fed up with working from 9 till 5 for a big company that
really does not recognise your talents ? 

I ceratainly was !  I wanted to start a new life so I did.

I started .... My first million $ business started from home in 1961.

    .... My second million $ business was started from home 1969.

    .... My last biz started from home was sold for 40 million $ in
    .... Over 95% of people would like to start their own business.

    .... If you are seriously about being one of these I can help you.

All these businesses were real ( no pyramids ), and started with
investments of between $20 to $1000, so before investing Hundreds or
even Thousands on new unproven projects invest 30 secs to check out
why I want YOU to become a partner with me a business of your own.

I don't want any money from you .. today , tomorrow, EVER ! All I want
from you is to help me build the largest bestest Internet Business ever.

With absolutely no investment on your part other than a little time.

Unlike the many other empty  " I can show you how to make millions "
claims on the WWW, I can and will give you the dates and facts to
check out. When I was 21 I had less than $200....today I live in a
beautiful villa in the South of France. You CAN do the same if you
try !

If you are really serious about achieving a life style of your dreams,
and  would like more information on how, where & when I  built my
businesses and more importantly how I can help you start one of your
own just reply to me with the subject  line of  > help-me-too <  .

You'll be amazed to learn what I started with the cost of 6 Big Macs, 
and there's no reason why you can't do the same.

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