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Tue Nov 12 02:57:44 EST 1996

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>I'm a student in Paris, 

that's o.k., we all make mistakes.

>and I'd like to have an answer to a simple question  :

>What does "µU/ml" mean when it indicates insulin concentration,
>and what do you need to convert it to µM ?

Unit: is activity. You will need the definition of 1 insulin unit, don't
know what that is though. Could be the "amount of insulin needed to
convert 1 mole of sugar residues into... within 1 hour"

Then you will have to know, how many units per mole are in your tube.
If the batch of insulin that you have contains a lot of inactive
insulin molecules, this number gets lower.

>Maybe you think this question would be more appropriate
>in alt.rec.disney, but would you be so kind
>as to excuse my drastic lack of knowledge and help me
>fill it up a bit.

basically, you will either need the sheet from the pharmaceutical
company, or a good text book on insulin, or a catalog from Sigma, or Boehringer


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