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Claus Sternberg cs at
Wed Nov 13 10:13:24 EST 1996

I would like to comment on Rob's reservations:

At 09:18 13-11-96 -0400, you wrote:

>I'd like to see the charter incorporate the following clauses:
>1 - posting of an open position (job) is allowed, but posting of resumes
>etc. of individuals SEEKING a job is NOT allowed

Maybe that is a good idea, - I would like comments from others on this topic.

>2 - once a discussion begins ON the list, it should continue there (not
>through private communication between the discussants)

I think this is generally true, but occasionally a discussion diverts into
very specialized topics which do not have general interest. I would think
that although the charter does not explicitly state that, it is logically
that discussions should continue there a rule. However, I dont think there
is a need to put it in print.

>3 - that an individual (Claus is hereby nominated if he will take the job!)
>should monitor the list and warn individuals/organizations that violate
>commonly used rules of "netiquette" (flames, commercial postings,
>irrelevant postings).  Individuals/organizations that persist in violations
>will be removed from the group.

Of course this is an increasing problem. But unfortunately there is no way
to prevent people from reading and posting to newsgroups unless they are
moderated. I do not have the time to act as a moderator, but I would
happily send mails to those who abuse the system or dont know how to behave
themselves.  In case of gross misconduct (spams, continuing bad manners) I
will then try to notify the ISPs (Internet service providers) of those
individuals or organisations, possibly by the help of the biosci staff)
Alternatively somebody should volunteer to read though all posts on a daily
basis, approve those who are OK and dismiss the rest. - And send notices to
those who don't comply. BIOSCI actually encourage new newsgroups to be
moderated, - I just think I don't have the time. 

>4 - General questions regarding image analysis should be posted to the
>NIH-Image Listserver (subscription is by the identical procedure as for the
>confocal listserver, but to the address <listproc at>)

You got a point there. But isn't the NIH-image server more or less specific
for people using NIH-Image (An image processing free-ware program for the
Mac, in case somebody didn't know)? Maybe there are other lists which are
more appropriate? I don't read the NIH list myself so I don't know the
actual contents of the discussions there.

>Perhaps some of these considerations are implicit in the charter as
>written, but we may want to consider having them spelled out directly.

I would like comments from others (including Rob) on the comments above.
Send follow-ups to bioforum at or post them through news reader
software in bionet.general.

Claus Sternberg.

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