Costa Rica Sounds o.t. rainforest

Andreas Stickel stickel at
Thu Nov 14 07:26:53 EST 1996

Dear friends of the rainforest,
It gives us a great pleasure to present you with a 
very special CD.
Cricket concerts full of atmosphere, fascinating 
frog calls, croaking parrots, charmingly whistling 
antbirds, and the sound of jungle woodpeckers - these 
exotic sounds represent only a small fraction of the 
dense atmosphere of Costa Rica's tropical rainforest 
on the Peninsula de Osa.
The documentary CD contains 53 minutes in the jungle 
without a single sound of civilization, and it has 
been digitally recorded with state of the art equipment,
a 3-D sound experience drawing every audience under its spell. 

Best wishes

Kaj and Andreas

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