Non-prescription Medical Treatments Guide

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"For the consumer who is aware of the symptoms, but does not have the
medical knowledge to treat them."
With the increase of prescription drugs to non-prescription status,
self-health care has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade. To
obtain the proper response to non-prescription drug therapy, the plan of
care must include guidelines that are necessary for the proper drug
response. The medical manuscript I have written, based upon 30 years of
retail pharmacy experience, incorporates into the healthcare plan the
information that is essential to 
non-prescription drug therapy. Each treatment in this medical manuscript is
realistic, specific, and attainable. The patient finds each treatment easy
to understand, inexpensive and effective with all medications available at
your local pharmacy. The end result of the important new guidelines in my
medical manuscript, which are based upon accepted medical treatments, is
cutting the high cost of doctor visits and health care down to size. For
additional information:
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