Triglyceride Separation

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Tue Nov 19 03:14:31 EST 1996

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>I have extracted fat from several types of ground meat using acidtone.
>Is it possible to seperate the fat to find the amount of triglycerides.
>If it is possible, how do you go about doing it. If you have any
>information, please post a response or email me at hhsmedia at 
>Thank you, 
>    Darlene Moss
>Hamilton High School
>   Hamilton, Ohio
Hi! Ms Moss,
There are different kinds of triglycerides, you can't get them all by
only using acetone.  Therefore, it depends on what kinds you're looking
for. Acetone can get those that with good solubility in water.  If
you're looking for the water nonsolubils, then you have to go for some
other solvents such as hexane.
After solvent extractions, in order to get the amount, again there are
many methods to do that depends on the facilities you have, one of the
modern techniques called gas chromatography can do separation of around
40-50 triglycerides in one run and at the same time quantitate each one
of them. 

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