Hans W. Kosterlitz

Dr N.C. Eastmond nce at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Nov 20 11:19:41 EST 1996

Did anyone hear about the recent and sad death of Professor Hans W. 
Kosterlitz? For the uninitiated, Kosterlitz was one of the team who discovered
the endogenous opioids. The so-called enkephalins were extracted from the
brains of pigs in the basement of Marischal College, University of Aberdeen.
He was also the first Professor of Pharmacology at Aberdeen, a medical school
noted for having the oldest regius chair of medicine in Britain (and therefore
the English-speaking World). 

His age evades me, but he was approximately 94 years old, still driving and
still doing experiments in the Unit for Research on Addictive Drugs, which he
founded in the attic of Marischal College. 

Many in Aberdeen thought Kosterlitz and his team (including the famous Prof.
John Hughes) was worthy of a Nobel prize. Unfortunately, the number of 
claimants to this accolade would have been one too many. There were four of 
them. Should it come to pass now, that the opiate work is recognized by a 
Nobel prize, then we should not forget the remarkable man who headed that
research and was known for his regular trips with his staff and students to 
the Kirkgate Bar.

Nigel C. Eastmond, nce at liv.ac.uk.
Dept. Pharmacology, University of Liverpool. 
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