Nervous System

Sami Kohan skohan at
Tue Nov 19 21:09:56 EST 1996

In article <328FE6BE.788F at>, Melissa M <mirage at> wrote:

> Hi, I need help understanding these concepts, any help would be 
> appreciated!!
> The Spinal Cord
> Dominant Forebrain
> Sensory intergration
> Intergrating the body's responses
> Stereo typed behaviour
> Expansion of the Cebebrum
> Cerebral Cortex
> Organizing the Cerberal Cortex
> Memory and learning
> Sensering Internal Info like temp, blood chemistry, pain, muscle 
> contraction etc
> Neruromuscular Control
> Refeflex arcs
> Neurovisceral conrol
> The Autonomic Nervous System (What ever that is) and the control of this

As an undergrad and a lurker on this newsgroup, I'm very grateful for the
help I've received from people on this group. Having said that though,
people on this newsgroup don't take kindly to the idea of doing people's
homework or what appears to be people's homework. If you have a very
specific question people might take the time to answer it, but to ask what
is a spinal cord shows you haven't invested to much figuring these things
out yourself.

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