Why freeze autorads?

The Great American Gene Company geneco at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 20 18:04:37 EST 1996

Dima Responds:

>I don't think so. Intensifying screens emit light upon absorption of
>high-energy particles. Light excites silver on film. Freezer is to 
>increase sensitivity of latter. 

Dead wrong!  The emission of light is quite temperature dependent.  Get
hold of DuPont (a leading maker of intensification screens), they have
data showing the effect of temperature on emission.

Also, elsewhere in your response, you mentioned band diffusion was a
function of nuclide energy.  You mean image resolution.  What had been
meant by diffusion in previous responses to this query was the tendency
for small DNA fragments to diffuse through gel pores when the buffer is

Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.

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