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:> Hi, I need help understanding these concepts, any help would be 
:> appreciated!!


:As an undergrad and a lurker on this newsgroup, I'm very grateful for the
:help I've received from people on this group. Having said that though,
:people on this newsgroup don't take kindly to the idea of doing people's
:homework or what appears to be people's homework. If you have a very
:specific question people might take the time to answer it, but to ask what
:is a spinal cord shows you haven't invested to much figuring these things
:out yourself.

I agree. 

Asking for help that you could get out of a textbook, and probably get a lot
more help from the textbook is not liked.

Asking for help on something that's interesting is a different matter 
entirely; people here are mostly biology professionals who're not exactly
so keen on answering basic questions, etc. (not are so many of us keen on
suffering fools gladly, either).

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