Triglyceride Separation

Tom McCloud McCloud at
Sat Nov 23 12:05:02 EST 1996

Hamilton High Faculty wrote:
> I have extracted fat from several types of ground meat using acidtone.
> Is it possible to seperate the fat to find the amount of triglycerides.

I suspect you actually extracted with acetone.

Analysis of fats is a well-developed science.  In fact, there are entire
books, journals and societies devoted to it.  For example JAOCS: Journal
of the American Oil Chemists Society.  A major University library should
have this sort of literature.  You might try Dayton or Cincinnati.

There is a 3 volume set titled: "Lipid Chromatographic Analysis" by
Marinetti  QU85.L764m,     and another book titled "Lipid Analysis" by
RJ Hamilton and S. Hamilton    QY465.L762  ISBN 0-19-063099-2

Many methods of analysis, such as by hplc or gc, require rather
expensive pieces of instrumentation, so you might wish to concentrate on
the more affordable thin layer chromatographic approach.  One old book
which is still hard to beat is "Thin Layer Chromatography" by Egon
Stahl, (Springer-Verlag 1969) and it does contain a section on lipid
analysis.                      Tom McCloud

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