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Paul Parker parker0 at
Sat Nov 23 18:58:30 EST 1996

For some time acknowledged has been that many behavioural 
disorders were chemically treatable.  

Epilepsy - believed both inherited or as a post trauma disorder has 
been treated with medication such as Dilantin [Phenytoin Sodium]. 

Diabetes regarded as an inherited lifestyle disease linked to the 
genetic makeup of persons ability to produce chemicals [insulin 
+/ Lispro], regarded as treatable.

Diabetes now also believed to be lifestyle related following studies 
on cause, effect and treatment, of particular types of Diabetes 
prevalant within the Australian Aboriginal community.

The predisposition of persons to commit suicide is now being linked 
to abnormal levels of key brain chemicals - serontin. Serontin 
regarded as an important neurotransmitter protein in the brain 
linked to the control of inhibition - the lower the level of serontin 
the lower the degree of control persons display over their inhibitions 
and actions.

Dr J Mann of the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre claimed 
at a lecture on the neurobiology of suicide before the Society for 
Neuroscience (USA) that low levels of serontin predisposes a 
person to suicide thoughts, and, makes them more likely to act 
on other powerful feelings.

Persons suffering these tendencies are it is now claimed able to 
be identified then be chemically treated to reduce the probability 
of such behaviour.

Dr Mann claims the use of PET - Positron Emission Tomography, 
may enable powerful diagnostics for suicide with PET able to 
detect reactions in the brain to the drug (Fenfluramine) which 
prompts the release of serotonin.

Dr Mann claimed whilst genetic inheritance may establish a 
reduced serotonin level in a person's brain, that level could be 
aggravated by childhood abuse or neglect further reducing the 
levels, thus increasing the odds of suicide later in life.  Logically 
such aggravation with reductions either ante and or post natal.

Dr Mann suggests the monitoring of serotonin may be an 
important tool for identifying people likely to act on impulses 
such as suicidal.

Such research suggests there exists a genetic predisposition to 
other forms of anti-social activities, to criminality.

Believe an unsuccesful attempt in a USA  court [California 
1995?] arguing the existance in the accused of a genetic 
predisposition to criminality.  [http or references? ]

Seems the objective was to have a decision the actions of the 
accused were beyond his [?] capabilities of control, so the court 
should institutionalise the accused for treatment of the disorder 
as with other mental illnesses rather than imprisonment.

How much of an individuals behaviour is an inherited genetic 
predisposition at birth, how much is from culture - what is learnt 
after birth ?

Links between culturally modified predispostions are being found.

Links between genetic predispositions are being found.

Where are we going we this  ?   

If we are proving the existance of such inherited predispositions 
we are saying those same theories which the Nazi's were - and 
remain, so widely condemned for were perhaps accurate...

If you're unhappy with this path of thinking, with where it leads,
don't feel lonely !

regards,    Paul.

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