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Roger Thomas wrote:
> In article <m+4lycBTKQyN089yn at>, parker0 at (Paul Parker) writes:
> > Persons suffering these tendencies are it is now claimed able to
> > be identified then be chemically treated to reduce the probability
> > of such behaviour.
> > .........
> > Dr Mann claimed whilst genetic inheritance may establish a
> > reduced serotonin level in a person's brain, that level could be
> > aggravated by childhood abuse or neglect further reducing the
> > levels, thus increasing the odds of suicide later in life.  Logically
> > such aggravation with reductions either ante and or post natal.
> > ...........
> > How much of an individuals behaviour is an inherited genetic
> > predisposition at birth, how much is from culture - what is learnt
> > after birth ?
> >
> > Links between culturally modified predispostions are being found.
> >
> > Links between genetic predispositions are being found.
> >
> > Where are we going we this  ?
> >
> > If we are proving the existance of such inherited predispositions
> > we are saying those same theories which the Nazi's were - and
> > remain, so widely condemned for were perhaps accurate...
> >
> > If you're unhappy with this path of thinking, with where it leads,
> > don't feel lonely !
> Facts don't have to be palatable :-)
> Assuming the hypothesis is established the next step is to do something
> about correcting serotonin levels in individuals who are suffering.
> A 'happy' pill?
> A possible further step may be manipulation of genetic material so
> 'normal' levels are maintained automatically by the individual.
> I find no joy in people being depressed enough to commit suicide.
> Whether any particular race has more or less problem with low seratonin
> levels is irrelevant.
> When they've finished tinkering with that one maybe someone will start
> work on a way to increase melanin levels in the skin of white people
> who live in the tropics - so we can cut down on the skin cancers.

Dunno about increasing melatonin as a great idea. Melatonin is an indole
derivative, like many psychomimetics. I imagine that as it is elaborated
in the skin, an amount of the precursors find their way to the brain,
leading to an increase in, and abnormalities in its activities.
It's not for nothing that we speak of people as having had a touch of 
the sun or going Troppo.


"Better living through chemistry" :- OZ Toxic Waste Group 1996

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