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These projects in Africa & Brazil require persons from various disciplines.
Your help in sharing/posting this information campuswide at your school
would be greatly appreciated.  Students and faculty with interests
in the areas of the projects listed below, are welcome.
Thanks in advance,

     Chris White
     Public Service Information
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F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E : 


The new ONLINE applications for


are NOW available

or, write us for information.

[I N T'L  S T U D I E S]  [W O R K-T R A V E L]  [I N T E R N S H I P S]

Ecology & Environment..Traditional Medicine..Oral History..Folklore
Primary Care..Archaeology..Comm Dev..Reforestation..Media..<<ROOTS>>
Distance Learning..Art..Ethnomusicology..Public Health..Construction
Wildlife..Humanities..Computer Literacy..Agriculture/Farming..Nursing
Teaching/Tutoring..Business Dev..African/Brazilian Language Study
Youth Programs..Recreation..Traditional Religion..Anthropology..Dance

Also, educational campaigns addressing Female Circumcision/Genital
Mutilation [FGM] carried out with sensitivity to local cultural practices

C O U N T R I E S: Botswana, The Gambia, Ghana, Eritrea, Ivory Coast,
Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and
Brazil (in South America). Additional countries to be announced


    B r a z i l i a n    R a i n F o r e s t    P r o j e c t s

                      B   A   H   I   A 

One of the sites under consideration is the Mata Atlantica (Coastal Forest)
area in the Southern Cone of the State of Bahia. This is a place where local
poor communities are struggling to gain access to land via articulated
political effort. There are over a dozen officially recognized Land Reform
Settlemnts in this region, and the former landless peasants are willing now
to promote efforts to save the remnants of this unique patch of rich,
bio-diverse forest, as well as to secure their access to land by changing
the situation of Land Tenure in that area.

We have been recently contacted by leaders of these communities seeking help
with the various projects they deem vital. These projects will include
programs that deal with Reforestation, Youth Development, Education and
Training, as well as Ecological Projects.  


There will be 20 to 30 projects and 200 to 300 Interns/Volunteers in the
Summer '97 Program in African & Brazil

This year's theme: "Africa & Brazil, marching into the 21st Century"

  "...Promoting economic development, ecological wisdom, social justice, 
           grassroots democracy and non-violent solutions..."


I n t e r n / V o l u n t e e r   I n f o    b y    E - M a i l :

                   A L L   A G E S   A R E   W E L C O M E
                          from 17 years to Infinity

           1] include your full street address, in case our
                    equipment malfunctions
           2] E-Mail your request to   <<B O T H>>   addresses:

  =>              "Brochure\Application" <crw at loop.com>           <=
    =>        "Summer Prog: Africa\Brazil" <oca at igc.apc.org>    <=

 Include " V O L U N T E E R " in the Subject field


P r o j e c t   D i r e c t o r s / G r o u p   L e a d e r   applicants
must be at least 26 y.o. with appropriate expertise & multi-racial group
leadership.  To receive the leader packet, send an E-Mail message with a
brief 2-paragraph statement about your interests & background to <<BOTH>> of
the above E-Mail addresses, plus include: " L E A D E R " in the Subject field


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Due now & during the coming weeks -> the cut off
                          announcement is pending

                       Crossroads assists Volunteers in raising funds
                          for their travel/living expenses, thus early
                          application is crucial. 

                       Students generally arrange with their schools to
                          receive credit, typically 7 to 15 units

E-Mail or write to:

  O P E R A T I O N   C R O S S R O A D S   A F R I C A ,   I n c .

              475 Riverside Dr., N.Y., N.Y. 10027
         Tel: 212-870-2106    E-Mail:  ProjectPeace at Juno.Com
                Founder:  Dr. James H. Robinson
               ...a non-profit org: IRS 501(c)(3)
                Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

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