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Thu Nov 28 15:02:20 EST 1996

David A Kaye wrote in response to the following inquiry:

>"Patrick T McLaughlin wrote"....
>" >Do you approve inter-racial relationships?

>Of course.  What a silly question.  This is America.  We're a nation of
>all races.  Can someone really ASK such a dumb question in 1990s America?

  David, your view on relationships is great, but your delivery is pompous! 
Are you isolated, naive, or just plain arrogant?

  Just last week I talked to a black student in my class whose wife is white.
Never mind he has a good educational background.  Never mind that his family
has a history of successful professionals.  And ignore the fact that he is a 
bright, engaging person.  To his wife's father, he was black...and that is 
the wrong color.  The father was and is very much against the marriage and my 
student is not welcomed in the house.

  I spent two years in a guy's dormitory at a middle-sized college, and I can
tell you that at least 1/4 of the guy's on my floor were racially biased,
some more openly than others.  Some of that may have had to do with where the
school was located...I've lived in other places much more open to inter-
racial relationships, but bias is out there. 

  As a middle class, educated, white, 25 year old male from middle America
who grew up in a diverse neighborhood where skin color meant nothing, I'm 
here to tell you there is bias and prejudice.  I don't think we all should 
walk around bowing our heads in shame...too much PC isn't necessarily 
productive either, but recognize there are those who oppose inter-racial 
relationships ...It's one thing to say all are equal.  It is quite another to 
witness how people treat others.  That neighbor who smiles to your face may 
speak harsh words behind your back (believe it or not I consider myself an 
optimist, I've just seen enough damage done by a few biased jerks to know 
better than to believe the US is a nation united on all fronts)

  Open your eyes and stop calling questions about diversity stupid!!!


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