An optimized maze in molecular biology on the Web : the DEAMBULUM

Claire Valencien valencien at
Thu Nov 28 09:44:48 EST 1996

INFOBIOGEN (INFormatics for BIOmolecules and GENomes), a french
centre for Bioinformatics , proposes an optimized maze in molecular
"The DEAMBULUM". It gives you access to sequence search and analysis
about molecular biology on the WEB, as well as the associated

  The DEAMBULUM entry door is reachable at the URL :


You will meet the next paths :

     1- Access DATABASES :
          . Sequences
          . Genomes and Organisms
          . Culture collections and biological material
     2- Database Sequence Submission
     3- Nucleic acid sequence analysis
     4- Protein sequence analysis
     5- Biomolecule structures
     6- Search for a pattern
     7- Sequence Comparison
     8- Multiple sequence alignments
     9- Phylogeny
    10- Biological and Biocomputer Web servers
    11- Documentation
    12- Science news
    13- Exchanges - Contacts
    14- Search engines on the WEB

The DEAMBULUM is in english and in french version.
The french access is : 


To improve the DEAMBULUM, to open new windows, to explore new spaces,
hesitate to communicate me your observations, your comments, your "dead
(I hope not many !), your nice URLs.

Claire Valencien.
E-mail: valencien at
7 rue Guy Môquet BP8
94801 VILLEJUIF Cedex, France

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