Achim Recktenwald, PhD achim at ibex.ca
Thu Nov 28 16:32:52 EST 1996

David Moss wrote:
> Melissa M <mirage at sympatico.ca> schrieb im Beitrag
> <329D0764.7E23 at sympatico.ca>...
> > There is something I have come along  in my studies that I just cannot
> > seem to grasp. If you can help me if would be appreciated.
> >
> > I do not understand co-factors and co-enzymes. I understand the substrate
> > and the active site. I also do not understand how ATP and NAD or NADH
> > play a role in this. If you could explain this to me in simple terms it
> > would be appreciated
> You're probably getting confused by some irrelevant, historical
> terminology.
> A coenzyme (e.g. ATP, NAD) is simply a second substrate.

For this reason they are often called 'co-substrates'. Actually, I
prefer this expression to co-enzyme, since an enzyme is for me a


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