winning the exacta race

James Pierce rockey at
Fri Nov 29 14:29:21 EST 1996

How many times have you gone to the track

trying to win exactas and trifectas  only

to come close all night, maybe hit one exacta

and it pays $6.40... and you spent 6.00 to hit it.

Well, this has been happening to me for a long time

until recently,I found that if you don't handicapp

and just play numbers you can win.

A couple of months ago I tried something differnt

and found differnt results,I started winning consistantly

Well, more than normal, I've been averaging 4 exacta wins

a night. I still bet all ten races though,but I quess its

still a 40% exacta win average.(sounds

Good news and bad I first thought,,The profit has been 25.00 to

40.00 a night which I thought was fantastic considering the time 

I spend in front of my computer(I use otb online) and the fact that I usually

lose money and never hit 3 exactas in 1 night before. Bad news was when I told

my wife I was winning and she asked how much, and that particular night I

told her I won $23.20. She laughed atme and said 4hrs. on that computer

and you won 23.00.....give it up and do something useful with the computer

Well I started to think she was right,so I took a chance and increased the

the bet 5x for a total cost of 20.00(that's a big bet for me) and found

betting more doesn't change the win pct. I was still winning and now

that I'm making between 125.00 and 300.00 a night 4 days a week my wife

says the computer was a good investment(ha,ha)

Anyway the bottom line is I'm willing to let this exacta system 

go to anyone who's intersted for a small donation for my time investment.

Also let me tell you that there is no handicapping so to speak but

there are things you have to do to get the right numbers that require your

diligence and time which will be spelled out to you so you completely

understand. You will have mastered this in a weeks time quaranteed.

contact rockey at

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