RFD: Make bionet.general moderated

Richard H. Miller rick at crick.ssctr.bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Oct 2 15:15:28 EST 1996

FAH (DrHeasley at Chemistry.com) wrote:

: I think you're on target here.  It's awfully difficult to draw an
: evenhanded distinction between "advertising" and everything else.  In
: fact, if advertising is any posting that could lead to profit, a very
: good argument has been made that almost everything on usenet is an ad
: of some kind, whether by a commercial entity, an organization of any
: kind or an individual seeking better recognition.

And even more slippery is what to do about advertisements which are on topic
for the group. I have seen several out-and-out adds for reagents, microscopes
and services which are of interest to the audience of this group.

Compared with the volume of junk/cross-posts in other groups, this group
is really not too bad. I really do think that having a general unmoderated
group for the hierarchy is a very good idea (even as a lighting rod to provide
a place within the hierarchy for the posts which are not acceptable to the
moderated groups)


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