Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

Robert Andersen OB295RA at
Thu Oct 3 09:56:21 EST 1996

> > Hei!
> > 
> > I got not much knowledge about Biology. But after that NASA found those 
> > possible traces of life on the planet Mars I begin wonder - if it was/is 
> > life on Mars how will it change our view of the cosmic evoultion.
> > Is development of life an natural part of cosmos? 
> > 
> > Is it possible that life may have comed to Mars or Tellus by a rock/ice 
> > or perhaps by purpose (by an unnmanned alien interstellar device) ?
> > 
> > And would this open for the possibility that long time ago other 
> > civilizations scientific expeditions may have visited this planet?
> > 
> > This is of course speculation - but did not every science begin with 
> > speculation (= How could it be)?
> > 
> > I'm not an UFO nut but I see the possibilities.
> >  
> Most of us and not UFO nuts either, but what we see
> is a clear avoidance of science establishment 
> (too many grants, too comfortable life) to explore 
> the issues which might threten the dogmas. For instance:
> (1) Are there any follow-ups of the photographs from
> Mars (about 15 years ago ?) allegedly showing the 
> a comples of pyramides having humanoid faces ? Yes, 
> it may all be hoax but at least we need a high resolution
> photographes to see this. Where are the new photographs ? 
> If none, why not ?

I think that this "faces" have been discovered as natural mountains..
and been published in press. Where I do not know.
> (2) So far I have not seen a single historically 
> convincing explanation how the pyramides in Egypt
> have been build at the VERY BEGINNING of the civilization.
> Even for 100,000 people in 25 years it is impossible
> to polish 2.3 million 10-ton cubes to the razor blade
> precision with any technology we can think for this
> time. (and then assemble them all). And yet they did 
> it several times over. You don't want 
> extraterrestials - then explain it overwise.

Are you talking about the Ancient Astronaut hypotesis?



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