The Six Biggest Science Career Hazards

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A new essay has been published on the web site "Your Career In The
Sciences," hosted by the folks at Bio-Online. This is Part One of a three
part series entitled "The Six Biggest Science Career Hazards -- and How To
Avoid Them."

In Part One of the series, author Dave Jensen (Search Masters Int'l,
Sedona, Arizona) goes into detail about two of the six problem areas that
his firm has identified over more than a decade of studying science
careers. Asked what a "hazard" constitutes, Jensen replied,

"Everyone hits a pothole or two in the road of their career development.
And just like a pothole in the road, these career hazards didn't show up
overnight. They get repeated day in and day out by well-meaning people who
may not have realized that others have gone through the same process. We
hope to point out a few of these so that scientists can negotiate around

The Bio-Online career center now has close to two hundred pages of
detailed information on science careers. This current essay is located at
the following URL:

The index for "Your Career In The Sciences" is located at:

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