Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at
Fri Oct 4 11:01:44 EST 1996

In article <52opjd$mjc at io> I.Sabir, ITH145 at writes:

>However, as for civillizational life on Mars, this is said to be 
>impossible in our religion.  Please let me know what are your views on 

That's the trouble with religions.  They are invented by people, and
people are
notoriously bad at predicting the future.  Now,  upgradeable religions,
an idea..... any religion that includes details of the future, and allows
everything we discover and learn, would be a religion I could believe in!
Or maybe I'm missing the point of faith.....  Anyway, I thought NASA's
claims had
been soundly discredited by other less "motivated" scientists?


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