On-Line Book, Biodiversity II

Mark Griskey mgriskey at nas.edu
Fri Oct 4 15:47:37 EST 1996

I have come across an interesting book called Biodiversity II.  This
book is published by the Joseph Henry Press, an imprint of the National
Academy Press who publishes for the National Academy of Sciences, the
National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of 
Medicine and the National Research Council. 

The book is edited by E.O. Wilson (as well as Marjorie Reaka-Kudla at U
of Maryland and Don Wilson at the Smithsonian) and continues the call
for conserving the precious biological resources on Earth and in a
readable fashion actually tells us what we can do to help.  I wouldn't
have expected less of this cast of the stars of the biodiversity
movement.  Have a look--it's free to read!


This is a nice site, and apparently they have over 1000 books on-line
free to read. The URL is:


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