Life on Mars = Life in Cosmos ?

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> ... after the discovery about the life on Mars ...

Just to make it clear: there is no final proof about life on planet Mars.
There are just some first weaks hinds that there once could have been
something. To my personal opinion, other forms of live do / did / will
exist in the universe on other planets. But of course I do have doubts if
we will really be able to find or even to recognize them in this century.

> However, as for civillizational life on Mars, this is said to be 
> impossible in our religion.  Please let me know what are your views on 
> this.

I do not BELIEVE (!) in UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors. I think there
is a possibility that they could exist. But generally we should not
combine the discussions about ancient martian life and, on the other side,
UFOs and little green men. Both are on totally different levels.
Exobiology and the investigation of the Mars meteorites is a Science-only
field. UFO-hunting and speculations about extraterrestrial civilisations
do also have a scientific basis but generally is more 'faith-related'.

BTW, the possibiliy of the existenz of extraterrestrial life doesn't
interfere with my personal believe (that is the Christian one). We are
definitely entering a field were we have to learn a lot. About life in
general, about genesis, and about ourselves. It could be interesting. :-)


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